Supporting our students

St Peters is very proud to possess a structured Career Development Program and proactive counselling service. Our Careers and Counselling staff work closely with students to ensure that they are well prepared for the future and feel safe and confident while attending the College.

Our Careers Development Program includes:

  • Subject selection guidance
  • SET Planning
  • One-on-one consults
  • Guest lecture sessions from higher learning institutions

The approach to education and learning, at St Peters, is holistic and positive. We provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to learn and grow every day. This develops the minds and hearts of our students so they can extend themselves beyond the classroom.


The Counselling team at St Peters is comprised of qualified, dedicated counselling professionals. Alongside the Chaplaincy team, they provide specialist guidance in personal matters to all St Peters students. Our counsellors are concerned with the wellbeing of the individual. They are also available to boarders and their families at all times.